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It may now be clear that someone, probably at work, is not going to give in as easily as you had imagined. Even though it would be foolish to pretend that life is completely stress-free, you are currently in a relaxed phase between two periods of tension and friction. This is why you should be working to resolve and settle all outstanding disputes while you have the chance.

Remember they call your sign the peace-maker. There is little in your solar chart to indicate violent upheavals in your personal life just now.

Daily Horoscope 11 November, 12222

In fact, you seem to be doing quite well at expressing all your needs, hopes and aspirations, getting on top of worldly and material issues. Take notice of personal tensions now, because otherwise unforeseen disputes could mar the weekend.

Cancer Horoscope tomorrow November 13

If there is a source of argument it will be money, so try to be certain who is paying for what — and how much they owe! An unusual amount of planetary activity affecting the region of your horoscope associated with health, suggests you should pay more attention to your physical fitness. Astrology deals in preventative medicine, so get yourself in shape.

And remember that, in this case, it is your emotional well-being which counts for most. There is no way in which what happens now will be a repeat performance of similar events in recent times. Despite your initial forebodings, you are entering a period which in many respects represents a complete break with the past. Over the next two days the winds of change will blow through your spiritual life.

Also, keep in mind that today you will miss a good friend who has delicate, not to say almost dramatic, personal and family circumstances. Because enough of pretending that all lives, all families, are perfect, because that's not the case.

Free daily horoscope, celeb gossip and lucky numbers for 7 February, 12222

As the saying goes, beans are cooked in every house, although in some houses they are cooked on a higher fire than in others. Click here! You can rest without worries, because in the middle of the week there are good financial perspectives, and it is thanks to the combined influence of several planets.

In this way, today you will be able to live with certain facilities , and you will even notice how you have an extra facility to configure big projects that until now were paralyzed.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

And don't put limits to the countryside, because the wealth is outside your borders and your comfort zone. Have you thought about carrying out a transaction with a foreigner? Maybe it's the day. If you're an engineering Cancer native, this astral configuration will encourage your concentration and especially your success. In health, there are many everyday actions that you propose as an obligation, and you begin your speech by saying "I have to How about playing with language so that it costs you less to look after your well-being, and from now on you say "I decide to do You will see that this approach will be exquisitely positive for you, this way of speaking will show you that you are in control of your own life , that you are the protagonist of your own film, and that no one should direct it.


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